June 6, 2015

The 29th, 30th, 31st and June 1st was the peak of the runoff this year on the Madison River. The river was high and somewhat clear on these days because they flushed out of the damn at Hebgen the same time. When the river is on the rise it usually means the fish shut off. This was true until the 1st of June when the river started a steady decline. At least the scenery is beautiful around these parts:)                                                                             IMG_1508SM IMG_1510SM

On Saturday the 6th, the Executive Team that Mark IMG_2014SMbrought in was almost all beginners, most were just learning, and they did very well. The bugs they used that were hot were the Delektable Lime Juice size 10, the Delektable Hammerhead (new Delektable bugs) and in prince and purple the Delektable Lil’ Spankers in red, purple and pheasant tail size 14 and 16. Of course, Pat’s Rubber Legs size 8 and 10 worked very well too. Take a look and see how they did!                           IMG_2017SM

As for right now, the river is fishing really really great! The damn below Hebgen Lake is putting out 1,520 cfs and the river is high and clear. It is a little over 2,000 cfs at The Old Kirby Place, and right around 3,000 cfs at Varney Bridge. As for the dry fly fishing, the bomber caddis is out in full force now. A big brown caddis in a size 10 seems to be the ticket for that. A great combo IMG_1512SMwould be that and a big chubby chernobyl in front of it. If you are having trouble matching up the hatch with your flies, come on in the shop and grab some of our newest Delektable patterns we just got in. The bomber caddis is such a fun fly to fish because it is easy to see and, well, it’s a dry that they just absolutely smash! After all, isn’t dry fly fishing the reason we all got into the sport anyway?                                            IMG_1516SM

The big stonefly nymphs are moving towards the banks here on the Madison River, getting ready to crawl out and feed all the hangry browns and rainbows. This is the time of year where all the bugs start hatching and things start to get exciting. Yellow Sallies, PMD’s Bomber Caddis, Salmonflies, Golden Stones…Summer is finally here! The salmon flies are on the Big Hole River right now and our crew is getting ready to go over tomorrow and see what they can find. I can imagine it will be good:)!

Little Delektable Spankers in the red, IMG_1524SMpurple and pheasant tail size 16 have been the ticket on the small side here. A size 12 prince nymph for the bomber caddis has been working well behind a big stonefly. Double stoneflies will get you there still. A Delektable Mega Prince or a Delektable Hurless Stone in size 8 and 10 will definitely get you there. Pat’s Rubber Legs sizes 8 and 10 are always a good to put fish in the net. A pink or red size 8 worm will be working with the higher water also.

In the streamer world, black and olive have been the two colors working for us. The silhouette that seems to be working best in the higher water has been a longer sculpin with a bit bigger head for pushing water. The fish are tight to the banks and sometimes sitting in the water on the grass where you would normally be walking because the water is up. Morning and evening has been the best time to rip streamers as the pressure is rising with the summer tourists moving in.                                    IMG_2414SM

Stay tuned for the Bighole River report in a day or so as Dan, Nancy and Marty are going tomorrow for the big bugsJ Enjoy the sun and nice weather because it is here to stay! The fishing is great and it’s the perfect storm for some epic fishing closing in quick!!!

Happy Fishing!!! -DanG

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