This week has been very exciting as the smoke has rolled in to say hello for a whiiiiile. Wildfires over in the next valley have put smoke down on us here on the Madison and it is gooood:) The smoke may or may not act as if it were an overcast day, but nevertheless it is good when its here.                                                                                                                                     IMG_2156SM IMG_2153SM IMG_1098SM

Bigger fish have been coming up for the dry and the streamer bite is real good now early in the morning. An olive anything has been the ticket with black not too far behind. Here are a few pics of fish that gave in to the all-mighty, all-powerful, all-knowing fly fisherman! Hahaha, but seriously, the fish are about as vulnerable as a little 2 inch brown trout right that wants to be a big ‘ol haaawg right now. Happy Fishing Everyone!!!   -DanG                                                                                                                              20150819_102827SM 20150819_122628SM

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