Once again….the Fully Wild boys. IMG_1099SM

Well, it seems to me that the fishing is getting better and better as the summer progresses along. These wildfires in the next valley over have put a perma-cloud over us making the trout “think” its overcast all the time. (Dan Greene theory) Whatever the case, it has just been really good and very consistent.                                                                                                         IMG_2578SM                IMG_2437SM IMG_0892SM IMG_0885SM

The Fully Wild group has gone out and put the hammer down on the fish! Thanks to our veryIMG_1673SM good guides, these guys really did see alot of fish today. The average cookie cutter fish is climbing IMG_0903SMback up there compared to last week and the previous weeks. We have a number a bugs that are working out there on the Madison and are happy to share. The Best ones have been: Nymphs: size 8 and 10 black stone flies; size 16 and 18 Pheasant Tail; size 16 and 18 Prince; size 18 Delektable ‘Lil Spanker colors purple and pheasant tail; size 18 Hogan’s S&M olive; Dries: size 14 Delektable Twisted Sister olive and gold; size 16 Para Madaam X royal; size 16 Royal Wulff Cripple; size 14 Bloom’s Caddis dark olive and tan; size 16 and 18 Carlon’s Purple Craze; size 12 and 14 Fat Albert yellow and red.                                                                                                                                                         IMG_1669SM SM IMG_0894SM IMG_0885SM IMG_0892SM IMG_2441SMIMG_1670SM IMG_2579SM

Any of these bugs have been working great at almost all times of the day. The smoke can be thick at times, so be careful if you don’t do well in smoke. Get out there and get on the river while the gitt’n is good and have yourself a wonderful day!!! Happy Fishing!!!                -DanG

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