Last week was crazy for the sheer number of fish caught, especially the big ol’ fat ones. Rumors of two footers and the one that got away were being thrown around like an articulated mouse on a hot summer’s night. Sheila won over many hearts, and while some continue to doubt her power, all will soon be Sheilebers. If you don’t know who she is, come in and find out.                                                                                                                      IMG_2580SM IMG_2584SM IMG_1678SM IMG_2585SM

This week has been a repeat so far. The fish are responding well toIMG_1530SM many different patterns and the big fish continue to eat well. Dry or die folks have been succeeding with Parachute Adams, Purple Craze, PMD Rusty Spinners, Delektable Halos, Delektable Chubbyness,  hoppers, ants and of course the Nahgunatellyas. Droppers help though. Small beadheads, size 16-20 with some flash to them are working well. Consider Lime Serendipities, Lightning Bugs, Copper Johns, Shop Vacs, Delektable Sure Strikes, Pat’s Rubberlegs, Zebra Midges, BWO Wonder Nymphs, CDC Prince Nymphs and wire worms. IMG_1690SM IMG_2171SM IMG_2447SM IMG_1532SM


By far, without a doubt, largest numbers and average size came with a streamer-dropper rig. Dead drifting under an indicator will produce many fish, but a tight lining with a dead – twitch-drag combination should help you figure out how they like it best. Get out there as early as possible. Less light and cooler temperatures will help your streamer game. If wading the edges early in the morning is your thing, try an olive or black articulated streamer fished tight to the bank. Everyone is saying we are “two weeks” ahead of schedule here on the Madison, which technically means the fall fishing is not far away. Look for big fish moving out of the lakes in the near future.                                                                                                    IMG_2177SM IMG_1691SM IMG_1693SM IMG_1698SM



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