August 26, 2008

It’s Ant Time on the Lower Upper

Caught between Varney Bridge and 8 Mile on a #16

Delektable Flying Ant–Cinnamon , August 25, 2008

The flow of the Madison is 948 CFS and stable: Upper Madison Flow at Cameron.An excellent discussion of Water Management of Hebgen by PP&L is on the Madison River Fishing Company Fishing Report, August 23: Hebgen Water Management by PP&L: MRFC Hopper patterns, ant patterns, and Spruce Moth patterns are all effective, although Spruce Moth activity is winding down. There have been some slow afternoons recently. Caddis are still coming off, even on the lower river. There was a heavy caddis hatch around Varney two nights ago. Caddis hatching on the Upper Madison in late August–just another amazing thing about this amazing season.

You can pick your favorite hopper, ant, spruce moth, beetle, and caddis patterns and fish dries all day–most days. It doesn’t get any better than that. The nymphing continues to be very good. The streamer fishing is improving and is starting to work in the middle of the day. With the coming cooler weather, the streamer fishing will really start to turn on.

Recommended Flies

To see the Delektables™ go to: Delektable Flies Gallery

Dries :
Delecktable Flying Ant, Cinnamon or Black #16, #18 (sometimes ants are working right out of the gate in the morning); Turk’s Tarantula Gold #12, #14; Half Down Hopper #12, #14 ; Delektable Twisted X tan #14, #12; Delektable Twisted Baby Tan/Brown #12, #14; Fat Albert-red, yellow, chartreuse #14, #12, #10, #8; Triple Decker Hopper–Pink #12, #10; Delektable Twisted X Black with Red Butt #10; Super Spider #12, #14; Delektable Sparkle Bugs, Delektable CDC Elk Hairs, and Delektable Halos #16, #14–tan and olive; La Fontaine Emergent Sparkle Pupa brown #16

Delektable Flying Ant Cinnamon

Riverborn Fly Company

Delektable Lil’ Spanker: Silver, Red, or Pheasant Tail #16, #18; Lighting Bug #16, #18; Tungsten Beadhead Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle #16,#18; Tungsten BH Amber or Olive Studly Nymph #16, #18; BH Superflash #18, #20; WD40 Olive #18, #20; BH Tailwater Tiny Olive #18, #20; many different kinds of beaded nymphs

Delektable Lil’ Spanker

Riverborn Fly Company

Delektable Screamer Yellow and Brown, Olive Black, Black, Single and Double, #6, or your favorite pattern.

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