August 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2013

These past few days on the Maddy the fish have been torturing the nocturnal stone, whichIMG_1318 SM IMG_1321 SM is out, and we in return have been testing their decision making skills with our version of the nocturnal! Chubby’s cousin (Gang Green) tied special here in the shop for our guides in the size 14 dry hook seems to be the ticket for right now. Along with the hopper, lots andIMG_1329 SM IMG_2098 SM lots of browns have been taken on this fly in the early to late morning with a lightning bug or some flavor of size 16 nymph below it. Hopper fishing is very good to great right now, so get out your hoppers and throw ‘em! Pearl or Silver lightning bugs (size 18) have been theIMG_0923 SM IMG_0924 SM most productive dropper. The traditional bugs like the prince nymph, the pheasant tail and the hare’s ear nymphs have still been producing average fish.  Best luck is in the morning with the cooler air and water. Look out for those sprucies, they are on their way!! Best of luck, Happy Fishing!!!

Big Dan, Marty and Dan G

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