On the Madison this past two weeks, we have been seeing fish taking smaller streamers with small nymphs trailing, hoppers (sizes 10-14) with small droppers into the middle of the day and bigger nymphs in tandem in sizes 12 and 14 all during the day.                                                        IMG_1331 SM IMG_1332 SM IMG_1335 SM IMG_1338 SM IMG_0980 SM IMG_0991 SM IMG_1010 SM IMG_0802 SM

These are some of the combos that are working very well right now, and if you are thinking outside the boat and using some strategies you might not normally use, you might score very nicely :). The fish have seen just about everything that the fly fishing industry has to offer. So put yer thinking cap (beer helmet) on and get to it. Also the occasional flying ant has been fishing very well lately with that size 14-16 guy flying around in the late afternoon to evening. Some of us here have been using the Royal Wulffs and trudes sizes 12-16 for the ant and doing well.                                                                                       IMG_0805 SM IMG_0340 SM IMG_0518 SM IMG_0341 SM IMG_1015 SM IMG_1020 SM IMG_0807 SM IMG_0818 SM

There has been a larger heavy spinner fall late in the evenings too over the past few days and the Delektable Teasers in Purple and Adams (size 14) have been the ticket for some of us here at the tooth.                                                                                                                                                        IMG_2102 SM IMG_0925 SM IMG_0936 SM IMG_0940 SM IMG_0226 SM IMG_2103 SM IMG_0342 SM IMG_0343 SM

We have had some great groups going out with us lately including a group of all ladies. One of the ladies boats did well with Chubbies and Flying Ants. When Skill levels range across the board, the guys are trying a variety of patterns to help with the casting and with the catch. It                                                         IMG_1359 SM IMG_1037 SM IMG_1040 SM IMG_1048 SM IMG_0820 SM IMG_2104 SM IMG_2105 SM IMG_0943 SM IMG_0950 SM IMG_0345 SM IMG_1053 SM IMG_1054 SM IMG_0828 SM IMG_0830 SM IMG_0834 SM

remains very warm in the middle of the day with mornings and evenings the preferred fishing time. We have a fire near us called the Eureka Fire. For information on that fire go to inciweb.org.                                                                                                                                                                 
IMG_2109 SM IMG_0951 SM IMG_0953 SM IMG_0346 SM IMG_0351 SM IMG_0523 SM IMG_0963 SM IMG_0964 SM IMG_0838 SM IMG_0851 SM









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