Big Hole Fishing Report for June 9th

Tuesday was a road trip day for the boys of Beartooth, with Dan, Marty and Charles P heading out to the Big Hole.

After a brief stop at our buddy’s fly shop, Great Divide Outfitters, for a shuttle and pleasant conversation with shop rat Roger, the trio headed to the upper end of the river. The river was still “big,” flowing at roughly 5,500 cfs, but it was clear and very fishable. Overall, the conditions were wonderful.

The action was slow at first, though accented by several brook trout, which was an exciting addition to the catch. As the day went on, browns and rainbows began accepting the offerings.

The fish were taking a mix of Delektable bugs, including the Mega Prince, Gray Hurless and Lil Spankers. Streamers were thrown in earnest at the beginning of the float, but the fish weren’t chasing them in the bright, comfortably warm conditions.

Later in the afternoon, however, when the sun got lower and the boys were adding layers against the wind, the streamers began scoring well, especially for Charles P, who scored several nice fish. They were first biting on the Delektable Double Screamer Olive and Black, then further into the float on the Delektable Double Screamer Badger.

It was a great day on yet another of Montana’s beautiful rivers; just another day in paradise.

Dan, Marty, and Charles P

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