December 12, 2008

Yes indeed, it has been a while since our last fishing report. Our apologies to all who were waiting. We have been so busy with shop projects, it has been a challenge getting out on the river. Our biggest shop project was to launch our Online store, yeah! We are open! To shop, click on the Online Store Tab. Yesterday, our buddy, Roger, who has been hanging out with us had a memorable day on the Upper Madison that was something to share. We did wine a bit because we remained in the shop slaving away.Stream flows remain consistent at around 760 cfs at Kirby. Upper Madison River

It was a warm December afternoon 30-40 degrees, no wind, sunshine, and simply beautiful with the two ranges of snow covered peaks in the background. This was one of those special days we hope to take advantage of when they come in the winter months. Truly a good day to go out fishing! The fish were hungry. Most of the action was between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. He caught about a dozen fish in the 18" to 22" range, mostly fat browns and rainbows; all having shoulders (really healthy and chunky). Roger used the standard two nymph rig with an indicator and the trailer tied about 18 inches from the lead fly.

The hottest fly combination was the Delektable™ Gray Hurless Flashback #8 with a Delektable Lil’ Spanker Purple #16 as the trailer. The Delektable Hurless scored the most trout. Other recommended winter flies include: All Delektables for the top fly; #8 Mega Prince; #8 Purple Hurless; #8 Olive Hurless; #8 Braided Brownstone; all with or without flashback wingcase. Bottom Delektable flies for the two fly rig: Lil’ Spankers in Purple, Pheasantail, Silver, Red, and Olive in sizes #10, #14, #16, and #18; CDC Prince Nymph #10, #12, and #14; Mr Rubberlegs Pheasantail #10, #12, and #14; Twinkle Midges Black, Red, Rootbeer, and White #18, and #20. Also, we love to fish two big stone nymphs in size #8 together; Delektable Mega Prince; Hurless Stones; and Braided Brownstones. We do have a cold snap coming in. Get your shopping done so you can get out and fish later in the week when it warms up again. Call the shop if you need a report as of the moment at 406-682-7525.

Have a Great Holiday Everyone and Thank You for all the support!

Dan Marty Nancy Brad

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