July 13, 2010

Fly Fishing the Madison River for the First Time

We have had some real fun the last few days with some fly fishers who were fly fishing the Madison River for the first time. The first was Hermon Bain, the superb Bahamian guide and owner of Hermon’s Andros Island Bonefishing. Anyone who wants a great experience bonefishing will not go wrong by lining up Hermon.

Hermon had a great time dry fly fishing with the Big Bugs and caught a nice brown on a little fly–a #14 Rusty Spinner. He missed a great salmonfly take, but sure got a great charge out of it. He won’t soon forget it.

Next were my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Gloria and Mike Ogden, from Houston, Texas. On Gloria’s first day out, she caught an 18" Brown Trout on a Red Wire Worm–the first fish she ever caught on a fly rod. Her husband’s fish, caught on a #16 Delektable Pheasant Tail Spanker: Delektable Flies Gallery wasn’t quite that large. It was his second day fly fishing.


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