July 16, 2015

IMG_1497SMMarty Authement is our number one guideIMG_2519SM after Dan Delekta out of the shop here at the Beartooth. He is from Homa, Louisiana as some of you know from a redfish trip or two with him. He is one of our best trout guides here! (he can also catch whitefish too:) Britt and Suzanne found out just how good Marty can be at getting people on fish today! The bugs were size 12, 14 and 16 caddis and mayfly dries of royal colors. The nocturnal stone is about to be in full swing here in a minute IMG_2520SMer so, so get your big, dark bugs out again and get ready for that wingless little fast runnin’ stonefly! I hope you all are having a killer summer, do swing in the shop and say hey if you get the chance! Great job Britt and Suzanne!!!      Happy Fishing!!!                  -Dang

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