A day fishing on the famous Madison River in Montana. Jim Morrison was our guide and myself going on 88 years and my fishing partner, Dry Fly fisherman, Steve. It was a nice sunny warm day on the Madison as we started our float trip from Windy to Storey Ditch. The first two hours I caught two big Whitefish and Steve and I caught about 6 smaller Rainbow Trout. The next few hours Steve caught an 18 inch Brown Trout on a dry fly.

Unfortunately, we had technical challenges in getting a photo of Steve’s fish. It was a great catch. I hooked a monster trout that took off in back of the boat and broke my leader off. Later that day I caught a 19 ½” Brown Trout and an 18” Rainbow Trout. It was a grand fishing trip and was enjoyed by all. Thanks Jim for doing a great job of getting us into fish.


July 20, 2010

Nymphs: great; Dries: good; Streamers: so-so

Flow: 1,040 and stable

The nymphing has been out of sight. A #12 or #14 Prince nymph has been a great lead fly, followed by any number of PMD, Caddis, or Yellow Sally nymphs. Our favorites have been: Yellow Superflash, Silver Lightning Bug, Delektable Silver Lil’ Spanker, Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear, Bead Head Caddis Emergers-olive and tan–all in #16.

Dries have been getting fish regularly, but it’s not off to the races, yet. Try your favorite PMD, Caddis, and Yellow Sally patterns, and Delektable PMD Teaser and PMD Squeezer-#16, Parachute Rusty Spinner #16, and Delektable Tan Sparkle Bug and Halo-#$16: Delektable Flies Gallery

The steamer fishing has been slow. Patterns with olive and black are working some. Maybe the bright weather we’ve been having, or all the insect food in the water, has not made the big fish eager to chase streamers for the time being.


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