The Yellowstone River!!! What a sick river! I wish I could fish it more, but that is not thedbrown SM dan cutt SMcase. I did however make it over there this past weekend with by good friend, Gervaise, to check it out and see whats going on. Big dries like Chubbies and golden stones were working on the upper section, while streamers were working much better towards the end of the float each day. We did Carbella to Emigrant on Saturday and Point of Rocks to Emigrant on Sunday. We were getting them on articulated black and natural colors in the morning, and if you weren’t there early you might have missed the morning streamer bite. It shut off around 8:30 or 9am for us. Size 10 and 12 dries under the banks and willows were doing real good next. We fished big dries catching lots of nice cutthroat in the side channels, shelves and banks. With the river coming down, the banks are being cut out real nice. Sidenote: Watch out for falling trees!!! Wow… we almost got killed by a falling 60 ft cottonwood. It started falling as we were under it and we rowed forward to avoid it as quickly as possible getting missed bunderwater SMby about 20-30 yards when it did go. SPLASHHH!!! We did not nymph at all, and that was by choice :). We were kinda set on hookin’ a pig on a streamer, so we fished those most of the day. Some nice browns and some awesome colored cutty’s made the trip well worth it!  Happy Fishing!!! DanG

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