July 22nd – July 28th | Madison River Fishing Report

This past week we have been experiencing what a fixed damn can do for your river …just like last year, it is becoming quite the epic dry fly season! The water is still up and cold and the bugs are just going crazy. PMDs , Caddis, Sallies, tale end of the Goldens and Salmons, and even the start of the Hopper. Beetles and ants are starting to work as well. So, if you are into the dry fly action more than the subsurface, this is your time to shine my friends. I hope you are all getting a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. It has been stellar conditions everyday with a very consistent afternoon thunderstorm (3-5pm). After the rain it is on again with the evening hatch. The Mayflies and Spinners are thick like a blanket. The Caddis….wow! Streamer action is pretty good as well if you get bored of all the bugs and maybe during the storm and cloud cover. We have seen some pretty good fish give it up to the streamer. We have also seen the streamer get the attention and the little nymph on the back get all the action. Do what you will with it.

We have had several groups in this week including the Wild Adventure group. We have really enjoyed these guys and the spirit they bring to the water. With the help of our guides they have roped in some pretty descent trout this week! Speaking of the trout, these fish in the Madison are absolute torpedoes right now! I have seen some good years, but this year??….whoa, its on fire! Also, be careful not to underestimate the water speed here, she is moving at a steady rate still (1,620 cfs behind the shop). We have seen a few boats flip and sink over the past couple of weeks, so please be careful, the water can still be fast and hard to read in places.

Now when we talk about flies it can be very long, involved and exaggerating. So, I wont get to in depth with all the verbiage, but instead I will just tell you some of the hottest patterns we and the guides have been using to get those fish in the net.

The PMD has us all zoomed in on the Mayfly patterns out there. Some of the very best ones are of course going to be some kind of variation of the Adams or the Purple Haze.

The Caddis is a heavy hitter also. He (or she) is going to be Tan, Olive and/or Black. The Caddis has a size varying from 18 to 12 right now. I have also seen some 10’s out there still with a light olive body shade. But the most common one right now is going to be the tan #16.                                   

The Yellow Sally is here and there and almost done, but still throw that smaller Yellow Stimulator at the water with high hopes.

Goldens and Salmon Flies up higher on the upper river are most definitely still working. I would stay in your Dornan’s Water Walker silhouette  and/or the Delektable Secret Stone patterns if I were you. Great patterns for those big guys.

The Hopper is coming but still a little on the slow side of things. Do not worry because just in about a week or so that little bugger is going to come out in force with all the troops of all colors and sizes! Trust me, it IS going to be crazy! So, get your hopper game tight!

As far as the Streamer bite goes…all you streamer gooroos out there already know what you are doing. But for you who would like to be throwing streamers but haven’t quite thrown in the towel on the nymphs yet, start with your local Beartooth Flyfishing Flyshop and give us a call or swing on in and we will set you right up!

Thanks for checking in with us, I hope you all can get out there and get yourselves a piece of the mighty Madison and its great fish and beautiful scenery!!! Happy Fishing!!!

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