July 30th – August 5th | Madison River Fishing Report

The Upper Madison River is flowing just over 1,200 cubic feet per second below Hebgen Lake, about 1,330 at the Kirby Ranch and down at Varney Bridge she’s moving at roughly 1,450 c.f.s. and the fishing has continued to prove that the Madison River is tough to beat.

We’ve received lots of different reports from our friends and guides as far as fly selections go but one thing remains very consistent, fish are looking up for dry flies. Whether it’s a Grasshopper, Spruce Moth, Ant, Caddis or attractor pattern, fish are eating on top. Some of our favorites are Delektable Chubbyness in smaller sizes, Delektable Flying Ants, Delektable Halos, Delektable Twisted Babies, Bloom’s Stealth Ant, Fat Franks, Morrish Hoppers, and Fat Alberts.

The nymph fishing has also been pretty productive; lots of folks have been running dry-dropper rigs because the dry fly bite has been so hot. Some of the top bugs have been Delektable Lil’ Spankers, Delektable Prince Brandons, Hare’s Ears, smaller Pat’s Rubberlegs, Lightning bugs and Caddis Pupa.

Streamer fishing is starting to pick up pretty well, especially earlier in the day. Fish are pretty well spread out in the river so if you’re not finding them on the banks don’t be afraid to fish out in the middle. Delektable Screamers, Sundell’s Bad Boy, Bow River Buggers, Sheila’s Sculpin and Sculpzillas are all good options out there.

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