Nancy and Big Fish Kim floated the Madison IMG_0772SMtoday from Ruby Campground to Burnt Tree with Brandon Struckman as their guide. Dry flies weren’t happening despite an abundance of adult PMDs, caddis and yellow sallies. Small nymphs of these varieties through the lower section of their float were very productive. We’ll let the pictures tell the rest!  Of special note was that Kim’s incredible persistence really paid off. She never let her line be dry. Her flies were in the water all the time, even when taking a break on the side for lunch, she had her flies in the water. Nancy had some action on dries but caught smaller fish with the dries. Tight lining with two small flies was a good option in addition to using a bobber with two small nymphs. IMG_0771SM                                                                                                                                                                                                                             IMG_0778SM IMG_0776Sm IMG_0774SM IMG_0768SM








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