If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up!

I’ve been fishing the Madison River for over 20 years, and I can easily say the last three days has been one of the best runs of guiding and fishing I have ever seen. It just doesn’t get any better!

And it doesn’t matter the fishermen’s preference; dries or nymphs, they’re all working. There were stretches where the dries worked better than the nymphs, and vice-versa. But there were also big chunks of the days when both worked equally as well … So many bent rods … So many fish … So many photos … So many smiling fishermen …

The three-day run was with seven clients on a four-boat float. At one point on the third day, the digital cameras were getting passed around as fishermen were comparing pictures of 20-plus-inch trout … Every boat was scoring lots of fish, and lots of big fish … What a day!

Punctuating the action below the water was all the insect life above the water. Small caddis, large Caddis, a variety of Mayflies, Yellow Sallies, Golden Stones and even a smattering of Salmon Flies; the air was teeming with activity. The Salmon flies have been around but not showing a big enough hatch to make noteworthy and report separately. The Salmon Flies are now from Varney up to Lyons. They have not visited the lodge and the front porch which is when we usually announce their presence. The other bugs around the Salmon Flies are what really made the week and they are still out there hatching away.

The list of flies that worked and could work is huge, so let’s talk food groups. On the dries: Stoneflies, especially Goldens, got a lot of attention, along with Mayflies in #16 and #14, and Caddis in #16 and #12. We even tried a large Royal Trude for a little while, for “old times” sake, and it didn’t disappoint. For the nymphs: Caddis and Mayflies in #16 and #14, and Prince Nymphs in #14 and #12 all worked well. But the real “kicker” was Yellow Sally nymphs in #16 and 14, which caught the most, and the biggest fish.

Am I dreaming? Heck no! … It’s the Madison River, the hatches are in high gear, and the fishing is great! … It’s time to go fishing!


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