July 6th-July 9th 2016| Madison River Fishing Report

Streamflow screamflow, the bugs have been constant, they don’t care. You will see an abundance of caddis, mayflies and even the big boys still out. The Caddis, PMD and Salmon Fly hatch is what I would like to call, ON!!! We had groups come and fish with us, the Ansell family and Red and Sissy. Dan D and Nancy even got out for a guided trip with Brandon, which we love to see. Some great fish were caught and what we observed worked the best for these groups was a “small ball” combo of two small nymphs and small PMD and various dries and an occasional hit on the big dry. Check Check Check it out!IMG_1872 SM IMG_2752 SM IMG_1365 SM IMG_1973 SM IMG_2096 SM IMG_2103 SM

HOT FLIES: Salmon Fly size 6, Golden Stone size 8-10, Bomber Caddis size 10-12, Tan Caddis size 14-16, Delektable Halo tan size 16-18, PMD patterns size 14-18, Delektable Lil’ Spanker Pheasant Tail, Formally Known as Prince size 14-16, Lightning Bug (Silver), Delektable Sure Strike (Yellow/Peacock), Brandon’s secret ties with the CDC Prince and other secrets, and BH Prince Nymph Flashback. IMG_2728 SM IMG_2730 SM

I think its safe to say that Dan G and Dave got themselves deep into the mix of things and absolutely crushed trout all day long below Reynolds Bridge. We’ve been hinting that Salmon Flies are ON above Pine Butt and the flies of choice for the two were a Salmon Fly size 6 and Golden Stone size 10. There’s nothing better than when you figure it out and have a big numbers day. 20160708_112712 SM 2016070895203014 SM

This summer the wind has been blowing, crazy huh? That’s what wind does. Take your 6, 7, or 8 weight rod for these days (everyday on the Maddy). If you can get it out there in the water, they will eat it. Set yourself up for success and use the right tools for the right job. If you are having any difficulty and problems that seem relentless and insurmountable in that you just can’t seem to catch fish…come in and get your local flyshop fix!

Happy Fishing!!! -Dan G/Will

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