Now turn to Psaaaaaaaalms 4:20 in your Bibles please,

July 8th -14th, 2019

The Madison River is on fire! The big bug is getting eaten and people are getting nice healthy fish. Not only are the bigger bugs out but all the food groups are out and flying above the river! There are the Salmon Fly, the Golden Stone, the Yellow Sally, the Caddis, the PMD, the PED, the Epeorus, and soon the Hoppers and the Nocturnals. There is historically a people hatch at the same time as the bug hatch on the Madison so please remember to be polite and use good river etiquette. I hope you are all enjoying the river as much as we are and getting a healthy dose of the outdoors! The flows are very steady now with lower 1,400 cfs at the Kirby gage and just under 2,000 cfs at the Cameron site. That is what we would consider EPIC flows! Here are some flies that have been working for us here at Beartooth Flyfishing!



  • Salmon Flies

Dornan’s Water Walker size 6 and 8 in the red

Delektable Secret Stone Salmon Fly UV Orange size 6 and 8

The Stimulator size 6 and 8

Sofa Pillows size 6 and 8

Delektable Secret Stone Royal size 6 and 8

Delektable Twisted Sister and Twisted X in Orange in #8

Delektable Mega Chubbyness and other Chubbies in salmon fly colors size 6, 8 and 10


  • Golden Stones

Dornan’s Water Walker size 10 and 12

Delektable Secret Stone UV Golden Stone size 10 and 12

The Stimulator size 10 and 12

Delektable Mega Chubbyness and other Chubbies in the Golden Stone colors size 8, 10 and 12

Dornan’s Peanut Walker Golden size 10 and 12


  • PMD size 16

Purple Haze sz 16

Adams sz 16.5

Light Cahill sz 16

Quigley’s PMD Cripple



  • Caddis

Delektable CDC Caddis in corresponding sizes

Elk Hair Caddis size 16

X Caddis  or Delektable Sparkle Bug sz 16

Lil’ Hottie size 14 and 16

Delektable Halo Tan, Peacock or Royal #14 or #16

Amber Half down size 14 and 16

Bloom’s Caddis Amber size 14 and 16



  • Yellow Sally

Delektable Chubbyness Olive Brown size 14 and 16

Delektable Chubbyness Royal size 14 and 16

Half Down amber size 12 and 14


  • Pat’s Rubber legs Black size 6-8
  • The Trout Retriever sz 8
  • Prince nymph size 14
  • Lemon Drop size 16
  • Delektable Prince Brandon size 14 and 16
  • Delektable Pheasant Tail lil’ Spanker size 16
  • Golden Stone Tungsten sz 8
  • Psycho Prince Yellow and Purple sz 16
  • BH Soft Hackle Hares Ear 14-16
  • Rainbow Serendipity sz 16
  • $3 Dip sz 16
  • Silver Lightning Bug sz 14-18


  • Delektable Double Screamer
    • White
    • Olive and Black
    • Badger
    • Spawner
  • Sheila
  • Zonker Natural and Olive
  • Trevor Olive



The next section of the report will be fun trout photos, so hang on, its a lot!

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