Palisades day use area is open. The camping area will remain closed for one to two weeks while the work is being completed.

June 30, 2010

Palisades will be closed on Weekdays until road work is completed!!

Unfortunately, the road workers experienced too many conflicts with the traffic going in and out of the day use area. Palisades will be closed on weekdays effective immediately until the project is completed. Please plan your float and fishing locations accordingly. The day use area will be open on weekends only. We will post a notice when the status changes.

June 27, 2010

My girlfriend Jeanne Williams, owner of the Rainbow Valley Lodge and I had a great day off with Gunnar Folsom as our guide. Our days off are few and far between so we really make the most of them. The weather was sunny, warm, and light on the "W" factor. The river was pretty clean in most places. We did see some light dirt kicking in at Ruby and at Indian Creek but it was so light, you could see through it. The water temps were pretty cool. The fish bite was never consistent but there were some really nice trout to be caught. If you were on the river that Sunday, you would have certainly heard us. Both of us like to scream and giggle when we get a fish bite and we talk to the fish. When we land a nice one, watch out and plug your ears! There were some very gracious folks along the river who survived our screams, thank you.

We did not see any of the Big Bugs on our float from Windy to Storey. One day later one or two were spotted in that stretch but nothing to announce yet. We saw Caddis in different sizes, and Yellow Sallies in various sizes.

The bugs that worked included an assortment but no one fly worked for a long period of time. The twigs and branches on the bottom took some of our bugs. We learned quickly to pull up the flies and not leave them in too long to get snagged. The Delektable™ Hurless in Gray #6 or #8 was possibly my best bug. The other bugs that worked for a short time were the Pat’s Rubberleg in Brown #6, Delektable Stoners in Black/Orange and Brown #6, Delektable EH Twisted Wire in Red and Green #14, Delektable Lil’ Spanker in Red and Green #14 as a trailer to the big bug, a couple different Caddis emergers, the Delektable Badger Screamer caught my nicest trout, and a brief dry experience with two bites on the Delektable Royal Teaser behind a Twisted "X". I tried some Salmon flies with a dropper and no reply. The Whitefish really wanted the Prince Nymph..

You can see we caught some really nice trout. There was a quiet spell in the afternoon and we have heard mixed reports of others having that quiet spell at different times, some later, some earlier. There was no steady pattern. We really had a great time and hope to get out again soon, maybe in a month or two. FYI, as of the writing, the dirt is gone. Thanks Gunnar for taking good care of us. Thanks to Ed and Dan for covering for us back at the shops.


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