I’ll let the pictures and Dan Delekta say the rest for the Beaverhead. Dan floated almost IMG_1222 SM IMG_1229 SM IMG_1225 SMthe entire river with David and David, father and son, who are accomplished fishermen. They did well on small dries and nymphs. Again, PMD’s, Yellow Sallies, and Caddis. They had a really nice double hook up then more….

The Beav!!! My friend John and I went over the Beaverhead River for some insane dry fly

IMG_0579 SM IMG_0587 SM IMG_0620 SM IMG_0623 SM fishing that only got us re-stoked on the insane year we have been having again! PMD’s,
Caddis, and Yellow Sally’s. No real pigs, but lots and lots of fish up to 18 inches. Need I say more?

IMG_0663 SM






The finale was an awesome sunset. Nice!

Big Dan followed up the next day on the Beaverhead with the same bugs (Sallies, PMDs, IMG_1256 SM IMG_1252 SM IMG_0299 SM IMG_0298 SMand Caddis) but different clients and scored well! the Beav is really doing great and if you are bored or tired of the Madison, or just plain need to get out a little farther, head on over and try it out! Happy Fishing!!!  Dan G

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