June 27, 2013

Salmon Flies and Goldenstones

Timing is everything! Seeing the Big Bugs in the air; and mating in the vegetation along theIMG_0734 SM IMG_0736 SM IMG_0739 SM IMG_1133 SM IMG_1136 SM river and being able to catch them on imitations is Priceless. That is what Brett Greco and I did with our clients: Zac, Kim, Clark, and Myron. The flies of choice included my secret Salmon, and my secret Golden, other Salmon and Goldenstone Dries including the Chubbys, and later in the day Beadheaded Soft Hackle Caddis Emergers and Yellow Sally Nymphs. Of Note: Kim’s fish was heavy and she was nervous she might drop it. What a nice challenge to have! The pictures do tell the story.


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