June 29th, 2015

Ham and Eric took their very first flyfishing trip IMG_1600SMwith the famous Brandon Struckman today. It was a learning experience for them and they loved every minute of it. I know this because i saw them when they landed back at the shop. Their faces were glowing! I said, ” Well, how was it?”. the response was nothing at first, with eyes open and head shaking, out came a…”whoa, it was soooo fun! We have never done this and it was the most spectacular day!!!” Brandon found the fly; Dan Delekta’s IMG_1601SM IMG_1594SM IMG_1593SM IMG_1591SMDelektable Peacock Surestrike size 14. It is a caddis pattern on a curved hook that has holographic biots on the sides and a CDC collar. I was very happy and stoked to see yet another couple of souls latch onto the sport we all love so much here. Thank you Brandon for all your hard work!!!

Bob also had a stellar day on the Madison today! IMG_1408SM IMG_1410SM IMG_1412SMDave Evans was his guide. Bob caught fish, yes, but Bob was on a mission; to catch a fish on his father’s bamboo rod. With Dave’s help Bob caught many other fish, but the one rainbow on the ‘boo’ was a special fish for Bob today. if you have a bamboo rod just hanging on your wall, you might want to think about taking out for a cast or two on the river. After all, the rod was built for fishing and the bamboo has living fibers that will stay strong for a very very long time! Thanks DaveIMG_1411SM for all the help!!! Awesome ‘Boo-Bow Bob!!! Happy Fishing Everyone!!!



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