Today was a very interesting day with different reports. Our friends Ross and Emmett, Emmett Photo 3 SM Emmett Photo 4 SM
especially Emmett scored heavily on a float from Lyons to Palisades. Emmett is doing really well learning to tie his own flies and is a young serious fly fisherman. We expect Ross will have him rowing someday soon. They sure have fun fishing together, father and son. ¬†Emmett scored using the Delektable Brown Stoner, Pat’s Orange and Brown Rubberlegs, and a Hare’s Ear Nymph.Emmett Photo 2 SM

We had two other friends who don’t know the river and had a challenging day, we think most of the challenges go with the fact it was a sunny day and required special technique to find the line.

Nancy, Dan, and long time steelhead fishing friend Jamie, floated Palisades to McAtee in the afternoon and did work forIMG_0810 SM their fish but caught a number of small to medium sized trout and missed some bigger ones. They tried almost everything with the best results on a Chubby with a Caddis behind it, a Chubby with a small nymph behind it (Tungsten Rainbow Warrior, Tungsten Prince, Delektable Lil’ Spanker in Blue). A Two nymph rig worked with Pat’s Brown Rubberlegs size 8 and smaller nymphs as a trailer. They also tried Streamers and Double Screamers but the sun stopped the action on streamers.


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