Since starting here at the shop I have been bugging Marty to go fishing with me, each time he couldn’t go for various reasons. Today to my surprise he said yes. He was itching to get out and row his raft and really wanted to show me the wade only section. We put in at Raynolds at about 9 o’clock in the Morning and Got to Pine Butte at 4 o’clock. We took our time throughout the float and really worked all of the slack water, Boulders, edges, buckets, ETC. We each caught about five fish that day, but we really had to work for those fish. Note, we stopped and anchored and spent a good amount of time wading different spots. This is a wade only section where boats are permitted for transportation only. You may even see some kayakers on this stretch early in the year when the water is faster and higher.

The water was green with a foot to a foot and a half of visibility. Throughout the day we saw one caddis flying and a few Beatis. We did not have any luck on Micro Mays or Green Machines but they did like a size 16 Delektable Lil’ Spanker Pheasant tails. Before that The Shop Vac in Olive and Brown caught most of the fish. At one specific hole I used a size 8 stonefly nymph that was black with some purple in the dubbing; it caught three fish right away but didn’t work at all the rest of the day. That’s fishing! We need to fish more and harder!


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