Spring has sprung in the Madison Valley, which consequently means we start the week with a snowstorm and end with 70 degrees wading in shorts weather! The “W” factor (wind) in the valley was moderate this week, a mixture of calm in the morning and breezy in the afternoon or vice versa. The river is running at lower flows this time of the year with a spike of 700 cfs at Kirby Ranch earlier this week and ending with 643 cfs by Sunday. Do not let these flows discourage you from fishing as these flows make wading, especially on the upper river by Three Dollar and Raynolds Pass, a friendly and safer experience. Just be careful not to walk on the reds in the pea gravel. Boat navigation is possible if you are experienced in rowing in low flows and able to read the flow and follow the path in the deepest water. As it may be more difficult conditions for floating it is worth it as the people hatch is at a minimum!

The Delektable crew was able to break away from work and do a true fishing test on Sunday and oh! boy! what a beautiful day! Nymphs, fished in tandem with a #B split shot 16” above first fly and at some deeper holes wade fishing 2 or 3 #B shot, were the most productive means for catching, both rainbow and browns chomping down and of course some very healthy whitefish. Later in the day as the cloud cover came in, we switched to two single Streamers dead drifted with a little twitch that produced several nibbles and 3 successful catches. We also have reports from Three Dollar and Raynolds Pass that middle of the day to afternoon BWOs are working in the pools, slicks and behind the rocks if the wind is calm. If you find yourself getting beaten up by the fish and doubting your choices remember the worm hatch is always happening!

Nymphs: Delektable FB Braided Brownstone size #8, Delektable FB Hurless Stone size #8, Delektable FB Olive Mega Prince #8, Delektable Big Spanker Warrior size #18, Delektable Worm Red and Earthworm Brown Size #12

Streamers: Delektable Screamer Single White size #6, Bunny Buster #8, Mini Sculpin Natural Size #10, Mini Loop Sculpin Olive size #8

Dries: BWO Para-Sipper #18 & 20, ETHA- Wing Dun BWO size #18 &20

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