May 10 and 11, 2015

The Madison River is fishing as good as it can be right now! The water clarity is about 2-2.5 feet now up here at McAtee Bridge. It gets dirtier below Indian Creek and keeps picking up more water further down the river. The water levels have been staying consistant with the rain and snow melt because of the lower temps the past few days. With the water temperature peaking around 5 o’clock or so, the fish have been turning on around 1:00-200. Brandon was guiding Eric and the legendary Vernon Gallup on the river while Big Dan was with Tim Miller on the 10th later in the day. Both caught out of the boat with big dry flies and big nymphs. The water is still murky with a foot or two of visibility, so it is perfect.IMG_0728SM IMG_0727Sm IMG_0726SM Brandon’s crew went out in the morning from McAtee Bridge to Varney Bridge with the nymphs and dries and tried a bit of streamer action, while Big Dan went out in the afternoon for an evening float from McAtee to Storey Ditch chasing dries. The nymph action is still big stones and caddis patterns, while a march brown mayfly nymph is getting to be what they are keying in on. The pheasant tail nymph and the prince nymph were the champions underneath for the march brown. Also the Delektable Lil’ and Big Spanker series was working very well for the mayfly nymph. The March Browns are out and about in the afternoon, so the there was dry fly action to be had for Tim and Dan the day earlier but later in the day! The size 10 parachute adams and big purple haze’ were the ticket for that, but the fly that worked best for Tim was Dan’s new fly called the Delektable Royal Chubbyness in sizes 14-16. TIMG_2042SMhis fly is about to come out here at the shop, so look for it coming soon to a fly shop near you! Tim just rolled in a few hours before the float for his first time back this year, so the dry fly fishing in early May right off the bat was a treat to be had!! The big stones and caddis nymph patterns have been working very well in the underwater department as the water is perfect spring water at perfect levels right now. The dry fly action is just too good to throw nymphs.  Hope to see you all this summer!!! Stay tuned for a Big Hole Report as Dan and Tim are headed there on the 11th in hopes to hit the mother’s day caddis hatch (fingers crossed). Happy fishing!!! -DanG

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