May 13, 2010

Dan and Marty, along with four other local guides, Mike, Jim, Bill, and Shad, volunteered in the annual river float of the Ennis High School Science Club. Participants included Science teachers, Wes, a biologist, and the science students. The trip is a highlight of the club’s activities, and combines educational activities with a leisurely float trip on the Madison River.

The day began with an entomology presentation by Dan at the Beartooth Fly Shop. He explained the types and life-cycles of the various insect life in the Madison River. The lessons continued at the boat launch, as the students received another presentation by Mark about the fish of the river, including the fish shocking/counting process conducted by the state biologists and regulators. On the float, the students kept journals of the birds and other wildlife spotted while traveling down the river. This information, along with the presentations, was later compiled in written reports by the students.

An added highlight for some of the students was catching a few fish while floating down the river and spotting wildlife. It didn’t take much time to enjoy some great fishing as the fish were eating fast and furious! The young anglers quickly caught a lot of quality fish before returning to their club assignments.

Important lessons and time on the river, mixing education, the natural beauty of the river, and some fish thrown in … What a great day!

It was, as always, a fun time for everyone involved.

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