Two days of father and daughter fishing on the upper Madison. Day one consisted of IMG_0379 Resized 225 IMG_0374 Resized 225 IMG_0371 Resized 225 IMG_0368 Resized 225 IMG_0367 Resized 225 IMG_0365 Resized 225 IMG_0362 Resized 225 IMG_0359 Resized 225 IMG_0356 Resized 225floating from Raynolds Pass Bridge to Pine Butte Creek. We decided to only fish the big water out in the middle of the river where the bank anglers were in fear of wading. The rainbows and browns did the rest. The flies that we used on the Upper River were Delektables: Flashback Megaprinces in size #4, #6, #8; Flashback Olive Megaprince in size #6 and #8 and a Delektable soft hackled red worm in size #12. The bank anglers were happy catching as we floated downstream. The BWO’s were emerging all day and we suspected the bank anglers were having big fun fishing the baetis hatch.





Day two started afloat from Palisades to McAtee Bridge. Since this section of the river is IMG_0386 Resized 225 IMG_0383 Resized 225 IMG_0380 Resized 225open to fishing out of the boat we decided to combine some streamer fishing out of the boat and some wading using nymphs.




The pictures tell the story. I rowed and Allie poundedIMG_0396 Resized 225 IMG_0395 Resized 225 IMG_0393 Resized 225 IMG_0391 Resized 225 IMG_0389 Resized 225 IMG_0388 Resized 225 BIG browns and rainbows on Delektable Double Screamers in Black/Olive and Olive. The nymphs were the same as day one on the upper river wade float.



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