Upper Madison River Flows are at 2,240 cfs.

The higher flows are a result of run-off and managing flows. We recommend caution floating during these higher flows. Extreme caution is recommended around bridges, especially at Wolf Creek Bridge, where the clearance is a tight pucker.

Marty and I ventured out to fish after work for a couple of hours. We fished the Upper Madison River below Three Dollar Bridge. The river had a foot to a foot and a half of clarity. We hooked around a dozen fish, landing eight.

The flies that worked for us were Delektable™ Hurless Stones:

Delektable™ Big Red:

Dan’s new stonefly patterns for 2010 and a #12 Lime Juice:

We’ve had a number of good fishing reports in the dirt using Double Screamers in Black, Stonefly Nymphs, Lil’ Spankers in Red, Red Worms and Egg patterns. All the Delektables can be seen in the Delektable Flies Gallery

The higher flows mean the fish are being pushed hard against the bank and behind rocks, islands and other obstructions; the few places in the river where the fish can take a break from the swift current. Fish tight to the shorelines, and through the entire runs of slower pools; often the tails of the pools are the best. Extra weight may be needed to compensate for the higher, faster water, to get the nymphs down to the strike zone. If the bugs are floated through prime water without a strike, add a split shot about a foot above the first fly. If the strikes still don’t come, add another. The key is to get the bugs down to where the fish want them.

I love fishing the off-colored flows and we will be headed back to the Madison in the next 2 or 3 days. Keep checking our reports for updates.


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