As the Madison got high and dirty, the big bugs arrived on the Henry’s Fork. As of thisKeeferHenrysForkSM writing, they are headed past the Box Canyon. We have also heard reports they are at Rock Creek now, in early June. The Henry’s Fork was still clear, low,  and full of hatches: Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, Caddis, PMD’s, March Browns, etc..

We sent our friends Jim and Keefer to Island Park. They had a nice day fishing with the big bugs with Ryan from Trouthunters.

Keefer caught a noteworthy Hog! Way to go Keefer!KeeferHenrysFork2 SM


“Please find a couple pictures of my Henry’s Fork brown trout attached. This fish was landed on a size 6 Tennessee volunteer orange chubby.”

KeeferHenrysFork3 SM



“I casted the fly a foot off the bank and dead drifted through an undercut bank near the Aura put in.”

Keefer and Nancy

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