May 25th -31st |Madison River Fishing Report

The Upper Madison has been hovering between  2200 and 2400 c.f.s. at Kirby and below Hebgen we’ve come down from over 1700 c.f.s. to just above 1400 c.f.s. over the last couple days. Most people are enjoying the water above the West Fork due to the dirty water it’s dumping in. You’re still going to want to be cautious going under the wolf creek and sun west bridges!


We’ve been seeing some good caddis hatches on the upper end, especially around 3 dollar bridge and above. Also expect to see some callibaetis and b.w.o’s on the surface. Our favorite imitations for those are the Delektable C.D.C. Elk Hair Caddis in tan or holographic olive on either a #14 or #16 hook. As for the mayflies it’s the good ol’ #16 parachute adams for the baetis and a size #18 split wing b.w.o.
Subsurface has been the most productive as usual with streamer fishing really starting to heat up and nymphing being nymphing. Fish are really reacting to sculpin imitations like Sheila’s Sculpin or the Delektable Single Screamer in badger. As far as bead headed stuff goes you’ll want to have some One Man Party caddis nymphs, Purple Psycho Princes and Silver Delektable Lil’ Spankers. 


We’ll be in the shop so stop on in and make sure you’ve got everything you need to have a great experience on the water!


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