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SKU: 24108 Alternate Lookup: DT-KT2400-24 Manufacturer: Dermatone Laboratories


Developed from Dermatone’s classic formula, this might just be the hardest-working lip balm on the planet. Now available in buttery, tropical coconut.

Dermatone lip balms have been tested in almost every corner of the world and have been trusted by elite athletes and outdoor enthusiasts for years. This product is uniquely formulated to protect, condition, moisturize, and heal your lips, while also providing long-lasting performance. Prevents chapping and cracking. Broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Comes in a convenient 0.15oz twist-up tube. Made in the USA.

When to use:

Best For:
Keeping your lips moisturized and protected.
Prevents chapping, drying, sunburn & windburn.
Relieves soreness from dryness.
Heals cracked lips.

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