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Wapsi’s deer hair products are the finest available to the fly tyer. Thier experience in selecting, tanning, cutting, and dyeing deer hair is reflected in the quality of this product. Wapsi’s deer hair comes from the best quality hides harvested at specific times of the year.

Because deer hair is used for a variety of different types of flies, knowledge of the coat characteristics of different regional subspecies of deer (Whitetail in particular) is critical, as is knowledge of the different types of hair found on each particular coat. Heredity, diet, age, and sex also determine coat characteristics. Because no two hides are the same, each must be examined closely and cut exactingly.

After inspection, great care is taken during processing to insure the deer hair is made easy to tie without compromising the hair’s natural performance characteristics. The end result is belly hair with exceptionally vivid colors yet still easy to tie with, body hair that spins easily without excess under fur, and short and fine deer hair that is straight and stacks easily.

Deer Belly Hair is ideal for tying medium to large hair bugs. Belly Hair is naturally white and is dyed to bright, vibrant colors.

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Black, Fl Chartreus, Fl Fire Org, Purple, Red, Shad Gray, White, Yellow

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