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We just love the Maverick series of blanks. Lightweight with a moderately fast action, the Maverick’s have a dark blue gloss finish compliment our largest selection of 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece and 5-piece blanks, from 2wt. to 10wt. This imported series is extremely affordable and user friendly. Dan Delekta owns and fishes many of these different actions from Trout, Steelhead to Saltwater. Especially the lighter, softer, trout rods from 2wt to 5wt. from 6’6″ to the 9′ lengths, SWEET!!!
Price is for rod blank only. Feathers and flies sold separately.

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2 Wt, 4 Wt, 5 Wt, 6 Wt, 6/7 Spey, 7 Wt, 7/8 Spey, 8 Wt, 8/9 Spey, 9 Wt


11 Ft 6 In, 12 Ft 6 In, 13 Ft, 6 Ft 6 In, 7 Ft 6 In, 8 Ft 3 In, 8 Ft 6 In, 8 Ft 9 In, 9 Ft, 9 Ft 6 In

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