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SKU: 17635 Alternate Lookup: LN-F0983 Manufacturer: Loon Outdoors


The ultimate dubbing spinner. Developed in partnership with the geniuses at Fly Fish Food, the Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner includes two tips for any spinning scenario a tyer might encounter from complex twists to dubbing loops. The octagonal anti-rolling technology ensures that the tool stays put on the tying desk, while the ring shape allows for smooth consistent tension while palmering.

Gator-grip tip
Dubbing loop hook
Octogonal anti-rolling technology
Ring allows for consistent tension in palmering.
Powder coated handle
Works in all spinning scenarios
Tightly angled flat jaws
Comfortably sized finger/thumb loops
Works with flies of all sizes

Hook: make a dubbing loop, hook loop, add dubbing and palmer.
Gator Grip: pinch material and palmer