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Standard bagged Lite-Brite dubbing (LBT). Spirit River was the first to come up with LBT, a very finely shredded thin mylar. No one has a selection like them. Incredible for dubbin, wings, collars and shucks. If you’re using it primarily as a winging material, try it packed as 6″ hanks. Available as loose dubbing (LBT) or in 6″ hanks (HLBT).

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Baitfish, Black, Black Olive, Black Rainbo, Brite Yellow, Bronze Brown, Burgundy, CopprPearl, Cotton Candy, Dark Olive, Fire Fox Pck, Golden Olive, Hot Coral, Hot Lime, Lectric Bana, NeonLime, North Lights, Ocean Blue, Peacock Herl, Pearl Green, Polar Pearl, Purple Haze, Rainbow, Ruby Red, Sand Shrimp, Sh Chartreus, Silver


Bag(LBT), Hanks(HLBT)

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