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Tiger barred and two-toned, Micro Pulsator Strips add color to all your streamer patterns!

These Micro Pulsator Strips are a variation of the Micro Rabbit Strips from Hareline. One, they are tiger barred with black stripes to give them a little more visibility in the water. Also, they are two-toned with colorful combinations like Purple over Pink, and Orange over Yellow. These are bound to attract attention from the big game! Use them as you would on streamer patterns like the Sculpzilla, Bunny Leach, or Zonker for even more color variation and action in the water

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BlkBrdBritPrpl, BlkBrdChartOvWht, BlkBrdChrOvFlYe, BlkBrdGldVar, BlkBrdGrizzly, BlkBrdMahiOvChar, BlkBrdOlOvLtOl, BlkBrdOlvVar, BlkBrdWhite

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