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Beartooth “Perma-Float” “Illusion” Fluorocarbon”: The “Perma-Float” process permanently impregnates our hollow-multi stranded butt section with three different types of hot waxes. This impregnation eliminates any unwanted water spray and increases the mass (weight) of the Braided Butt resulting in a perfect turnover of the leader time after time. With the addition of our “Illusion” Fluorocarbon Transition sections and tippet, these leaders appear to be invisible in water. Fluorocarbon exhibits low visibility, great wet knot strength, superior abrasion resistance, are unaffected by UV radiation and have a higher specific gravity than conventional monofilament for a faster sink rate. The construction of our “Fluorocarbon” illusion “Perma-Float” braided butt leaders indicating that our braided butt section constitutes 1/3 of the leaders overall length while the other 2/3 of the leaders length is comprised of hand tied fluorocarbon transition sections and tippet. Beartooth “Fluorocarbon” Illusion “Perma-Float” Braided Butt Leaders Saltwater, Bonefish, Permit are designed for a variety of Saltwater fishing. The floating butt section also acts as a strike indicator but will sink when being dragged under weighted streamers, nymphs, and split shot.

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