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New “Heat Dissipation Technology” (HDT) jacket material reduces friction and heat build-up

100′ line with 65′ head and unique taper design for distance and accuracy

1.5′ high floating Dyna-Tip

Color change at the back of head for a visual pickup marker

WF 4-8 Floating

Trout BOSS is the ultimate trout line from Cortland, utilizing a completely new jacket material HDT (Heat Dissipation Technology) that maintains peak performance under rigorous fishing conditions. HDT ensures minimal friction within the rod guides allowing the line to stay cool, improving false casting, line speed and distance.

The unique AFFTA compliant BOSS taper features a 65′ head and 100′ total length, which allows for accurate casts in close and great control at distance. An extended head facilitates roll casting and long mends, making the Boss a perfect choice for indicator nymphing.

Paired with 18″ of our proprietary Dyna-Tip to maintain superb flotation and a convenient color change at the back end of the head, this is one Boss you’ll be happy to fish with!

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