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Spirit River’s unique, patented fly film is ideal for all types of wings as well as shell backs, thoraxes, and nymph backs. The material comes in approximately 60″ strips, complete with tying instructions . Since each strip is individually hand-made, colors and mottling patterns will vary somewhat.
4-15: They just spent the afternoon with Brian Silvey as he was doing a program at Joel’s classy Portland shop called ‘Royal Treatment’. Brian is a masterful tier as well as a full time guide. He has a number of royalty patterns in with Spirit River’s old company Umpqua Feather Merchants. He loves their Wings & Things. He uses it on a number of flies. They watched him tie a tent wing caddis and his trick was to prep the W&T film, tie it in over the hook eye, He then builds the caddis body (UV2 Caddis-Nymph dubbing), then the trick they have never seen is…. he posts the film straight up in the air like a parachute post, Then he folds it back down over the body ad wraps the thread back to hold it down. He feels this gives him a secure wing but also goives him the bulk like a real caddis in the thorax-head area.

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DarkDun, MottledBrown, MottledTan

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