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There’s always one more way to throw a fly, and that’s your way. The Wrangler Kit and caboodle come loaded to kick start your fly fishing journey. So you can rope and lasso your way to fly fishing success no matter the target. From roaming your local rivers and creeks for trout, puttin’ a bamboozle on those backyard pan fish—to claiming wild salmon on the Alaskan frontier—the Wrangler brings fish the fightin’ fun. Time to saddle up and chase the thrill of open water freedom.

Shoot your shot with six different sizes: The Pond 4wt, Trout 5wt, Trout XL 6wt, Bass 7wt, Salmon 8wt, or Saltwater 8wt. Each kit includes the durable Crosswater reel, sturdy dacron backing, RIO Mainstream fly line, and RIO tapered leader. These 4-piece rods offer flexibility for the angler on the go, while complete outfits add to the ease in delivering everything you need. Add your fly of choice and allow the Wrangler Kit to be your trusted adventure partner throughout your fly fishing journey.

Performance medium-fast action blank
9-foot length for optimal performance
Anodized aluminum reel seat
Crosswater Reel with durable composite frame and carbon disc drag
RIO Mainstream line
RIO Powerflex tapered leader
Durable nylon carrying case for keeping your gear safe

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