September 11th, 12th and 13th, 2013

As we move into the fall with the cold snaps in the weather the fish start gearing backIMG_1187 SM IMG_0379 SM IMG_1408 SM IMG_0377 SM towards the larger nymph patterns like the mega prince #10, standard prince #8-12 and bigger mayfly patterns than the 16’s and 18’s you have been using. The 12’s thru 16’s are going to be the ticket now. They are still going to hit the little ones, but they are

IMG_1410 SM IMG_0908 SM IMG_0912 SM IMG_2141 SM IMG_1175 SM

IMG_2148 SMIMG_2150 SMIMG_20130913_183030 SM IMG_20130913_184520 SM definitely going to be hitting the bigger ones now. They are soon to be pressured less and less and be more apt to hit the bigger bugs you might rather like to fish. Of course the streamers are doing very well now with the cloud coverage and the little bit of rain we’ve been getting. The streamer/nymph combo has been the best setup as of late to use. Black, olive, white and tan have been great colors for streamers in different varieties such as Sculpzilla, Trevor’s Scuplin, Sheila, Bow River and the Delektable Screamer. The Zonker #8 Copper has proven true over and over this past week, also cone-headed darker ones have been good. Some nymphs that have been working have been the prince, the nymphicator, the guide’s choice hare’s ear, Delektable Lil’ Spankers (most colors), lightening bugs, and copper johns to be specific. Chartreuse is a great color right nowIMG_0916 SM IMG_0918 SM IMG_0530 SM IMG_0534 SM IMG_0535 SM IMG_0536 SM IMG_0995 SM to for the nymphs. The wet stone fly pattern in the picture is imitating the actual stone fly that is down there (as you can see), and different colors of dark are working (brown and black). The dries we have been getting them on are hoppers, ants (royal trude), mayflies (14-18) and caddis. Some fish are still being taken on the Chubby and bigger dry fly stone patterns. Like I mentioned before, thinking outside the boat will get you there! Happy Fishing!!!


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