My big float trip on the Great Madison River in Montana with top guides Dan and Marty from Beartooth Flyshop on the Madison showing me the way, Dan’s 86 year old father named "Grandpa" John and author of this report.

We floated from Ruby Creek to Varney Bridge. Dan and Marty fished hoppers and dry flies with good success. Grandpa fished with his favorite shop recommendation, beadhead nymphs, with great success hooking and catching Rainbows, Browns, and Whitefish and also missing some really big fish. All in all it was a really great float hooking and catching all day. Thanks boys!


August 30, 2009

This was our long awaited big day off with my girlfriend, Jeanne Williams who owns Rainbow Valley Lodge and our satellite fly shop called Odell Creek Fly Shop (Jeanne and I affectionately call it that), with our guide du jour, Dave Hall. The weather was great and the bite was on most of the day. Someone had a favorite fly they were a bit too stubborn to change but that fly did catch some nice trout most of the day. Heh, heh, heh! That’s a hint. We had a blast. Thanks Dave.

Saturday August 29, 2009

No Catch n release! Our incredible shop girl, Jennifer Durham, was officially caught n kept by Tryston Reints of Jeffers, MT. He is one lucky fisherman, Jenny is beautiful, sweet, kind, considerate, and full of love n life. She fishes, hunts, is a taxidermist, a champion model builder, and has been a tireless hardworking employee for Beartooth. We want to wish the warmest congratulations to Tryston and Jenn Reints in their life together.


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