The Beartooth crew has taken advantage of the nasty weather this past week with the streamers. We have had good reports and some bad reports from people coming in the shop with feedback on how the streamer bite has been. Fact is they are moving and they are coloring up real nice. These big boys took big meat by way of sneaking up river in the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_1038 SMIMG_1063 SM OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA236MEDIA36IMAG0232_2 SMIMG_1051 SMshallow water (best in the morning and evening). When you are out there, don’t pass up any good looking water that cuts under the bank, or any structure without hitting it first. The fish have been used to the pressure all season and have found some pretty sneaky places to hide! They have been laying in the skinny, low water just chillin’ by the banks, and if you are quiet and stealthy, you may be rewarded well! The full overcast days have been the best for us, but they still ate in the middle of a sun-storm (my new word for bluebird sunny day). The streamers we were using are a bit heavier and not for the weak of arm, and we have been throwing them ALL day, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get anything after an hour or more, just keep on throw’n ’em, keep moving and cover lots of water. We do not recommend this technique for the less experienced fishermen because it requires experienced casting, the flies are heavy, and you could hook yourself. Ouch! If you miss a fish or accidentally burn one with a bad cast, just keep moving, there are plenty of fish in the river. And if you just plain can’t get ’em, swing on in the shop here and we will try ta help you and maybe give you our dirty little streamer throw’n secrets. That’s the streamer report from us here at the Tooth! Happy Fishing!!!

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