The Anticipation of Flyfishing Adventures

There are three flyfishing opportunities that dominate my year. The first is Montana and the West; from April til October. Next is steelheading during the month of October and into November. Finally if I didn’t have enough addictions in flyfishing; there is Andros Island in the Bahamas where we have a flats boat and a rig to pull it around the island.

Saltwater flyfishing for bonefish and other species is great from the end of December til April. This year Dad and I spent a month; part of January and February; while Nancy came along for two weeks worth in February. Each of these three fishing seasons always starts with two weeks or more of fly tying. The creative juices start flowing with new patterns, new fly tying materials, and new ideas straight from Father time. My wife adds; that it seems like two months worth of fly tying before our Andros trips. It’s hard to correct her on things she may be right about. Anyway, the fly tying is always followed by rod building and then the trip.

I started fly tying in 1968 and building fly rods in 1975. I still think I’m very productive at age 50; maybe in my prime; would like to think so. Some of my favorite parts of going on a flyfishing adventure are: buying new clothing and gadgets; tying new fly patterns; and sometimes building a new fly rod for myself instead of others. I get the thrill and excitement of the expected trip long before I go and it becomes an important part of the adventure.


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