Week including July 17, 2011

It’s Salmonfly and Golden Stone Time!

The fishing with big dries has been epic this last week.  Everything came together after weeks of waiting: the flows dropped, the water cleared, the salmonflies moved up the river, and the fish started looking up.  The fish are also eating golden stone patterns and caddis are happening as well.


The salmonflies are all the way from McAtee to Lyons in the float section and well up into the wade section.  Lots of different patterns are working.  If you can find them, grab some Morrish’s Fluttering Stone–Salmon Fly or Dornan Water Walker Salmon Fly #6.  We’ve also been having good results on the Delektable Twisted Sister Orange/Brown #4. Again, several varieties are working: half drown Salmon Flies; floating one; and sinking ones. For the golden stones, try a Half Down Golden Stone.  The Delektable Halo Tan #16 has been good for caddis and caddis emergers. Nymphing has also been successful with Goldenstones, Stones, Caddis Nymphs, Caddis Emergers, and Yellow Sallies. We added tons of new patterns to the shop this year so stop by and explore the fly cases for all the goodies.


Caution!! The flows remain high– 2,840 at Varney Bridge.  These high flows have been getting folks into trouble. The Salmon fly hatch has caused more boat traffic and the traffic at bridges can be a challenge. >This week two boats swamped at Wolf Creek bridge within just three days.  Fortunately, everyone who was in the boats is OK.  If you are not an excellent oarsman and familiar with the currents at the Wolf Creek Bridge at these high flows, walk your boat under the bridge on the left bank. Look ahead and plan before approaching all bridges.


Also, remember that these crowds can make shuttles unavailable relatively early in the day.  It is best to arrange your shuttle the day before or early in the morning if you can. 


Looking ahead, we should be have an amazing season.  The water will be more than adequate.  The small dries will intensify as the weather warms.  Terrestrial Time should be great.  There is a tremendous amount of grass in the Valley and there are a lot of little hoppers around.  The season may have started late, but it should be a great one.  If you haven’t already done it, make your plans.

Brad and Nancy

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