Dan fished with Hienie on a cold and cloudy day with some color in the river. It wasIMG_2583SM IMG_2581SM IMG_2578SManother Upper River float from Windy Point to McAtee. Hienie put some nice fish in the net. The fly combinations were a single Delektable Black/Olive Screamer with a #12 BH Red Worm trailer or a #8 Delektable Flashback Mega Prince.
The articulated Delektable Black/Olive Double Screamer fished by itself well too.

Brandon and Gunnar fished with David, Matthew, Jackson, and Doug. The first day was
bigger action on the fishing. IMG_1255SM IMG_1257SM IMG_1259SM IMG_1265SM IMG_1744SM IMG_1746SM IMG_1748SM IMG_9888SMThe second day the weather kicked in and the river became higher and the color started to get┬ádirty below the West Fork. The river has been ever changing this spring as we have had a mix of very warm then cold conditions. As it cools down, the river clears up but when it gets warm, the snow melts and the side streams flow heavier into the main river with some dirt. IMG_1751SM IMG_1753SM IMG_1268SMThey had good results with some of the same bugs. They fished Pat’s Rubberlegs in Black, Delektable Flashback Mega Prince Standard and Olive, trailers of Lil’ Spankers in PT, some worms, some silver, some red, and streamers worked with olive or black and olive being the better choices.


Joe fished with Hienie on Saturday and they fished streamers mostly. There was more weather as the day went on enabling the streamer bite more. You can see the articulated streamers were the ticket. Not everyone can throw junk like that but Hienie has had a lot of practice. He had fun. Thanks Joe.

IMG_2296SM IMG_2298SM IMG_2305SM IMG_2310SM

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