Dan took our friends Chip and Bill on a float. Big Nymphs in combination rocked!IMG_2564SM IMG_2567SM IMG_2573SM IMG_2576SM Springtime in the Rockies with weather conditions either hot and sunny or cloudy and cold. The bite was on with my favorite stonefly nymphs: all size #6 and #8 Delektable Flashback Mega Prince; Delektable Flashback Hurless Stones in Gray and Olive.

Dan and Nancy had a great day for Dan to take Mrs. Delektable floating. IMG_1728SM IMG_1735SM IMG_1738SM IMG_1743SMIt’s incredible that the Upper Madison is open from Quake Lake to McAtee again year round. There were spots in the calm where the trout were sipping like crazy in pods. Those fish were fussy about the dry but not about the Delektable nymphs. Dan’s favorite spring flies were great that day. Later on we did try the small Delektable Chubbyness and it worked too. What a fun day.

Dan fished with Mike and Catalina. They floated from Windy Point to McAtee. IMG_1246SM IMG_1250SM IMG_1254SM IMG_1244SMThey just killed it on the Delektable Flashback Mega Prince in Standard and Olive and the Delektable Flashback Hurless Stone in Gray and Olive. Catalina caught a massive Rainbow and rocked all day. Way to go Cat! Mike helped with the rowing and Dan was able to enjoy some rod bending.

Multiple fun days, early season!

Dan and Nancy

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