April 27th-30th 2016| Madison River Fishing Report

We hosted a great group of Project Healing Waters veterans at the lodge this week. Bob Frey was the also the host and helped out. Tom, Ed, Brian, and Caleb spent four days with us staying at the lodge and fishing the Upper Madison. They experienced a variety of weather and conditions. Bob took Brian and Caleb on an adventure hike. The hike was a true workout but they did get into some nice trout action. Considering these are wounded vets, they did great doing the hiking. We will need to inquire with Simms to help them with more customized waders and boots to make hikes like that easier.IMGP0623SM IMGP0617SM IMGP0609SM IMGP0611SM IMGP0608SM IMGP0606SM
Tom and Ed fished with Dan out of the boat the first day, and with Brandon the second. Brian and Caleb hiked two days and went with Dan in the boat the third day. Tom was with Ian on the third day. Thanks to the guides for helping out.

IMG_0880SM IMG_2599SM IMG_2596SM IMG_1758SM

The river was evolving with the cool weather. The first day it was a bit dirty, then more

IMG_1755SMgreen, then more clear and green. The cooler weather really made a difference and cleared up the river quite a bit. They fished a variety of bugs including Mega Princes which worked well, Pat’s Rubberlegs in Black, some used different worms, Delektable Lil’ Spankers in PT and other colors. Streamers were also a good choice on the weathery days. The later part of the trip March Browns started to show along with BWO’s. Some caught on dries when the hatches started to pick up but mostly on wet flies.IMG_2592SM


It was a great experience for us to help these guys and spend time with them. They were really nice people and became a part of the Beartooth family. We look forward to seeing them again on their next adventure.

Dan and Nancy

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